Stiftung Warentest - test winner technoline WL 1030

Our technoline WL 1030 emerged as the test winner in the product test for "CO2 measuring devices and traffic lights" by Stiftung Warentest (published on 04.02.2021).

High CO2 levels in the air reduce the ability to concentrate and perform. To improve the indoor climate and to maintain health, regular and timely ventilation is recommended. Stiftung Warentest confirms as well, that the WL1030 offers accurate measured values. The basis for the accurate values is a powerful NDIR gas sensor with CO2 measurement and the additional calibration function. The technoline WL 1030 is equally suitable for private, commercial and public premises and supports a healthy indoor climate and the preservation of health with ventilation recommendations at the right time. The CO2 content in the indoor air is indicated by precise ppm values and supplemented by ventilation recommendations with colored information fields in the traffic light system.

Information about the WL 1030 can be found here.



Stiftung Warentest - Test winner technoline WL 1030

Our technoline WL 1030 emerged as the test winner in the Stiftung Warentest "CO2 measuring devices and traffic lights" test (published o ...

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