Weather stations

WS 6501

Weather station

Radio controlled clock with manual setting option
12/24h display
Date display
Alarm with snooze
Forecast of weather situations (based on air pressure)
Changing backlight depending on weather symbols: Amber=sunny, violet=cloudy, Blue=Rainy, stormy
Indoor and outdoor temperature display
Indoor humidity display
MIN/MAX recording
Air pressure display and 24h history
Sunrise and sunset display for selected cities
Moon phase display
Infrared-sensor for activation of snooze alarm and backlight
Low battery indicator
Wall mounting or table standing



Dimensions: 100 x 45 x 235 mm
Power requirements: Adapter (included),
4 x AAA Mignon LR06 (only for back-up, not included)


Transmitter TX 302: 
Dimensions: 63 x 28 x 94 mm
Power requirements: 2 x AAA Micro LR03 (not included)