Indoor climate

WL 1020

Air quality monitor

Control is better than gut feeling

The new air quality monitor helps you to analyse and assess the air in the room independently of your personal perception. Based on the values determined, it provides you with recommendations for action so that you can react quickly and appropriately to changes in the quality of indoor air.
The built-in air quality sensor monitors the room climate around the clock, analyses the concentration of pollutants and reminds you to ventilate at the right moment.

...for a guaranteed healthy room climate and the preservation of health.

Display of air quality by 5 star symbols in 11 levels
The more star symbols are displayed filled in, the better the measured air quality
White background lighting with coloured ventilation recommendation:
Yellow lighting = ventilation recommended, red lighting = ventilation strongly recommended
Measurement via a powerful mixed gas (VOC) sensor for monitoring indoor air quality

additional functions:
Indoor temperature display in °C or °F
Indoor humidity display
Quartz clock
12/24 h time display
Alarm with snooze function
Low battery indicator
Table standing

Energy saving: the air quality is only displayed while using the USB adapter (incl.) to conserve the power of the batteries! Time, temperature and humidity
remain visible even in battery mode

TVOC and CO2 sensor information:
TVOC and CO2 (CARBON dioxide) adopt metal oxide sensors with long-term stability and low drift.
TVOC is the abbreviation of total volatile organic compounds, containing thousands of compounds.
CO2, the sensor does not directly detect CO2 in the environment, but the approximate value derived from other relevant parameters of the sensor.

Composition of air
Under indoor conditions, indoor air consists of approx. 78% nitrogen, approx. 21% oxygen, approx. 1% noble gases and approx. 0.03% carbon dioxide. The concentration of inert gases and carbon dioxide is crucial for assessing the quality of indoor air and its effect on our well-being and health.


dimensions (WxHxD): 82 x 82 x 25 mm
power supply: USB adapter (included)
2 x AAA Micro LR03 (back-up for time/temperature/humidity, not included)
Temperature measurement range: -9.9 - 50°C lower than -9.9°C indicates LL, higher than 50°C indicates HH
temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Humidity measuring range: 10-95%.
Humidity resolution: 1%
TVOC airborne particle detection range: 0 - 9,999 mg/m3
CO2 equivalent (Eq.) detection range: 400 - 9.999PPM Eq.

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