Detecting pollutants in indoor air - control is better than gut feeling

Many people attach great importance to a healthy diet and drinking enough, but often forget the most important basic function of the body: breathing. An adult human drinks an average of 3 liters of fluid per day and can go up to 3 days without water. However, in comparison, an average of 12 cubic meters of air is also inhaled and without oxygen the human body would only last 3 minutes.

On average, people spend 80% of the day indoors and are thus dependent on indoor air for breathing. Indoor pollutants are usually invisible gaseous substances or tiny particles, such as dust. These pollutants can come from a variety of sources. For example, some pollutants enter the room from the outside air. In the vast majority of cases, however, the sources of pollutants are present in the room itself, as in the case of CO2, formaldehyde, wood preservatives, cleaners, plasticizers or even mold.

The new air quality monitor technoline WL1020 uses a VOC sensor to determine the air quality. The abbreviation VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are organic-chemical compounds in the boiling range 50 - 260°C. VOCs are present practically everywhere and at all times in indoor air. However, if the concentration is relatively low, they are considered harmless to humans.

The air quality monitor technoline WL1020 supports the user in evaluating the indoor air, independent of personal subjective perception. The built-in air quality sensor monitors the room air around the clock, analyzes the pollutant concentration and reminds the user to ventilate at the right moment. The WL1020 offers an extremely attractive price/performance ratio and, with a UVPE of less than 40.00 EUR, has a very interesting price for the end customer.

...for a guaranteed healthy indoor climate and the preservation of health.

The display of the air quality is done by 5 star symbols with a total of 11 quality levels (whole and half stars). The more star symbols are displayed filled in, the better the measured air quality. In addition, the air quality monitor gives the user simple, concrete recommendations for action. If the display background is yellow, ventilation of the room is recommended. If the display background is red, ventilation of the room is urgently required. As long as the background of the display is shown white, no action is required.

The technoline WL1020 has the following additional functions:
Indoor temperature display in °C or °F
Indoor humidity display
Quartz clock
12/24 h time display
Alarm with snooze function
Low battery indicator
Table top installation

and can be operated in 2 modes:

1. operation with power supply
In this operating mode the permanent monitoring of the air quality and display is updated at any time. In addition, the ventilation recommendation is available through the backlight (white, yellow, red).

2. operation with batteries    
The time, temperature and humidity are up to date in battery operation. The measurement and display of air quality can be triggered manually.